Top tips for refreshing your home décor for summer

Jun 24, 2022
home décor for summer blog

There’s nothing quite like refreshing your home. Whether you’re updating major renovations, or simply swapping your existing home décor around, interior design can make you and your space feel brand new. Look no further for our top tips for refreshing your home décor for summer 2022.

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Rearrange what you have

Arguably the most cost-effective way to refresh your home décor for summer is by rearranging the pieces you already own. Simply moving furniture around in a space can make the whole thing feel brand new! Some of our top tips for rearranging furniture include:

  • Select a focal point before you start to draw the eye
  • Don’t push furniture up against the wall to allow for some breathing room
  • Create functionality with your design by adding conversation areas
  • Think about flow of walking through a space
  • Don’t block light sources and add light where needed

Integrate trends

For summer 2022 the biggest interior design trend is integrating nature and natural elements into your space. This can be done with a coat of paint in a rich mossy green, or an ocean blue hue; or by adding pieces made from natural materials. Think of adding a marble vase full of fresh florals or get a jute rug to ground your space with a natural texture. 

Another major design trend this year is adding furniture pieces with curves. Add a new accent chair with a pretty curved back, go for a round coffee table to add easy conversation and flow, or pick a rounded mirror top accent the wall and open your space.

Refresh the old

Our next tip for refreshing your home décor for summer is to refresh something old in a simple way to make it feel brand new. Maybe you have a side table you really don’t love but sprucing it up with a fresh coat of paint can give it the perfect refresh you’re looking for. Add new hardware to your dresser or kitchen cabinets for a simple refresh that can make a big impact on the space. Consider swapping out a light fixture for a new, brighter feel to your home.

Make a purge

Sometimes the key to making your home décor feel refreshed isn’t adding something new at all, but rather making a purge of old items that are creating clutter. Take away the junk and your home may feel like a totally new space! The best way to do this is by creating a junk pile, and a donation pile. Be ruthless with your choices. If it doesn’t “spark joy” as the experts say, let it go. A room with free space allows you to have a clear mind and will ultimately feel cleaner too.

We hope you’ve found these top tips for refreshing your home décor this summer inspiring and thought-provoking. Simple changes can elevate your home décor to give your home a brand-new look and feel.