How Decluttering Boosts Your Home’s Resale Value

Apr 29, 2024

The financial repercussions of clutter extend far beyond its immediate impact, casting a shadow over the family’s long-term investments, particularly in real estate. A home packed with clutter can’t be sold, leaving families the job of emptying the home and readying it for the real estate market. Just as external improvements must be made, homes must also be made to be beautiful inside, which starts with decluttering.

Failure to do so can make a harmless accumulation of belongings translate into thousands of dollars lost during resale, as clutter will obscure the true potential of living spaces and creates a negative first impression on prospective buyers. Consequently, the cost of clutter isn’t limited to the present—it chips away at the family’s wealth by eroding the value of one of their most significant assets, impacting their ability to build equity and achieve long-term financial goals.

To learn more about the ways in which clutter can impact a home’s resale value, in addition to strategies dedicated to decluttering homes, be sure to spend some time reviewing the resource supported alongside post.

The Cost Of Clutter: How Junk Impacts Your Finances, was contributed by Stand Up Guys, for junk hauling in St. Augustine