9 Best Kitchen Renovation Hacks for 2023

Dec 28, 2022
Best Kitchen Renovation Hacks for 2023

Are you prepared to undertake the renovation you’ve been thinking about? It pays to research the best use of your money when remodeling your kitchen and investing thousands of dollars in it.

The kitchen will yield the biggest return on your investment in the competition to be the top home renovation project. But the following advice is especially useful if you want to make the most of your money and produce something that looks good and functions well.

It may be a lot of fun to redesign your kitchen. You’re likely to benefit from and enjoy seeing such a clear alteration, which may be rewarding to see.

Here are some of our favorite ideas to save costs on a kitchen renovation so you can get the most out of your money. The advice provided below will assist you in getting the most out of the project.

Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Place the figure in a 10% cushion

Include a buffer in your budget; this is the most important tip for a successful and stress-free kitchen makeover. You never know what you’ll run into during deconstruction or what may present itself as a problem or an unexpected opportunity.

Homes built in the 1970s and earlier may have asbestos or lead paint. The expense of testing and removal might reach thousands. It may be necessary to upgrade the electrical system in a kitchen built 50 years ago or older in order to handle modern lights and equipment.

Plan a 10 to 20 percent contingency to account for unforeseen circumstances like substitutes and hidden terms. Great if you don’t use those extra 10 to 20 percent! But you’ll be aware of its presence if you ever need it.

Self-install and self-finish cabinets

But you don’t necessarily need a specialist to install them. You’ll want to get custom kitchen cabinets from a reliable firm that understands what it’s doing.

When it comes to installing kitchen cabinets, some people are dubious; they believe it to be much more difficult than it is. It is so simple that even a cave dweller could accomplish it, although you will undoubtedly need some assistance and a few tools.

The moment we consider remodeling, dollar signs appear before our eyes, and we raise our hands. Instead, find a budget-friendly solution to remodel your kitchen cabinets. Affordable, highly flexible cabinets are simple to locate as a starting point. An added benefit is to choose an unfinished design so you can change the color with paint and accessories like brass knobs.

Attach toe-kick drawers.

In the kitchen, extra storage space is always welcome. A modest amount of excess space between the bottom of your kitchen cabinets and the floor is a good candidate for toe-kick drawer installation.

These foot-operated drawers are perfect for storing flat objects like placemats, baking sheets, napkins, tablecloths, and even cutlery.

Use Stick-On Backsplash instead.

A new backsplash might work wonders if you want to make a design statement. The issue is that installation can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if you hire someone else to do it.

There are several options to replace the backsplash, including painting them, adding a peel-and-stick option, and removing and replacing the tiles. What a new backdrop can do to energize your area will astound you.

Thankfully, there is a better approach. Peel-and-stick backsplashes may seem odd, but they’re a great way to update your kitchen while remodeling. They are affordable in addition to being simple to install.

Try bamboo floors

Hardwood, vinyl, and tile are the first flooring alternatives that come to mind for the majority of individuals. But are you aware of bamboo flooring’s potential?

Bamboo floors combine aesthetics with toughness, a popular trend for modern kitchens. Despite the fact that it is essentially grass, bamboo is more durable than most forms of wood. Bamboo is available in a range of sizes, hues, patterns, and textures as tiles or planks.

Remember to Bring a Runner!

Your kitchen most likely has tile or wood flooring, but a runner may add a little softness and elegance. A floor covering gives your room a sense of texture and visual interest, whether you choose a bohemian or pattern-heavy aesthetic.

Establish a Cozy Breakfast Corner

Vivian’s next suggestion is to include a breakfast nook regardless of the size of your kitchen. Just because your kitchen or dining area is compact doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy, unique, and lovely. Make a stylish small-space solution by including a DIY breakfast nook. Around a tiny bistro table, the L-shape maximizes sitting and provides room-saving storage.

Three horizontal wall cabinets may be used, and the remaining corner gap can be filled with fiberboard (also known as MDF), which you can get at Home Depot and have cut to size. An upholstered cushion, a colorful assortment of cushions, and a plush blanket all contribute to the elevated, bespoke appearance that paint and brass handles produce. It’s ideal for curling up with your morning coffee.

Use paint and hardware to add flair.

New hardware in the kitchen makes it appear completely different while being simple and affordable. The jewels on the simple framework of the kitchen—pull, a sink faucet, new light fixtures (pendant lights are great), and new and fresh paint—can really dress it up. Remember to buy new hardware that is the same length as any existing pulls on your cabinets to prevent ugly drilled holes!

Another inexpensive way to rapidly improve your area is by painting the cabinets a bright, cheerful color.

Visualize the layout

You may “see” your kitchen renovation in this era of virtual reality well before the demolition work starts. Making decisions while picturing the layout and design helps minimize unexpected outcomes.

Set the expenses that will save you the most money at the top of your budget. For a lot less money than you can remodel your kitchen. You may start learning how to save money on a kitchen makeover with the aid of these tips.

Always be styling

You can use your counter space creatively with this designer-approved trick. Counter style makes a big difference. You may discover things that are attractive and useful, such as glass oil and vinegar dispensers, potted herbs, and cutting boards. However, the items you include will depend on the design, size, and functional demands of your kitchen (Designers suggest stacking and layering them for extra panache).

Another simple, inexpensive DIY? Fresh foods. “Baskets and bowls with fresh produce are always a designer mainstay. Place apples, oranges, and even savory alternatives like onions or potatoes in a woven basket or marble bowl.

Final Note

Considering everything stated above, A kitchen makeover is one of the more affordable improvements you can make if you want to improve the appearance and value of your home.

Even though every redesign has a unique appearance, the preceding advice should help you achieve your desired outcome. Good luck on your journey to apply most of these hacks to renovate your kitchen!