Unique Wall Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom or Any Blank Space

Nov 8, 2022
how can you decorate your bedroom

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, the idea of completely bare walls may be alien to you. And for good reason: wasting blank space is a missed opportunity to add character, color, and personality to this important part of your home, just as there are so many wonderful bedroom wall décor ideas to try out.

Leaning Mirror

You should hang pieces that you enjoy and have meaning for you, such as artwork painted by a family member or a sculpture you created. To save money, you can add wallpaper, stickers, or simply get creative with a couple of paint colors – the world is your oyster. All you need is some decorative and dreamy inspiration to bring your interior designer bedroom walls to life.

how to decor your small bedroom

Aside from instantly making a room feel bigger and brighter, large mirrors are an excellent way to add design-friendly details to blank walls. Instead of hanging it, think about a leaning option that can be placed in any room of the house. This addition is guaranteed to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, from the bathroom to a drab hallway. And the effect is so striking that you won’t need to add any additional decorative accents or. This minimalist route is simple and chic; give it a shot.

Pure White Grand Mandala Headboard

Anyone who appreciates mental purity will appreciate this intricately detailed mandala headboard. Although the white-on-white effect here instantly elevates the space, this headboard would also look great against a coloured wall. The headboard will cast subtle shadows as the light changes because it has so much three-dimensional detail. Experiment with different lighting combinations for the best effect.

Floating furniture will liven up any space — from floor to ceiling — in the most stylish way possible. Exposed shelves are a stunning update on their own, but pair them with a floating console to create a focal point that cannot be overlooked. Decorate these areas just like you would any other. From framed photos to vintage baubles, well-curated vignettes will bring any empty wall to life.

Hanging Rug

A good rug is a great way to add texture, warmth, and color to any room. But, for the time being, set aside the floors and tack one to the wall. By skipping the floor and hanging a favorite textile directly on the wall, any space will feel decidedly design-forward. This wall-filler will add style and a bit of quirk to any home, whether it’s placed behind a sofa in the living room or used as a makeshift headboard in the bedroom.

Cushion Your Walls

Cushion your walls to make your room look royal and plush. Adding beautiful and textured cushions to a designated wall, most likely the one at the head of the bed is a well-known hack for instantly revamping your bedroom. This is a sure-fire way to make your room look elegant and classy. Get your cushioned walls for a perfect and opulent bedroom.

Framed Wallpaper

how to decide how to decorate your bedroom

Filling a large wall space can be daunting—and costly. Terracotta Design Build in Atlanta, Georgia offered to share ideas on how to liven up the walls in your home to help with that design quandary. Framed wallpaper panels added a tropical vibe to this teen room while also adding character and interest without committing to a full wall of wallpaper. This is an excellent solution for teenagers, who are notorious for changing their minds frequently. Wallpaper is an excellent temporary solution for keeping up with ever-changing fashion trends.

Utilize Height

If decorating the wall isn’t your thing, there are alternatives that don’t require hanging pictures or getting too crafty. A minimalist console can transform any space that is looking a little drab. Once you’ve established a surface or counter, experiment with the height of the ceiling itself by incorporating items that go beyond standard tabletop accents. Choose elements that are more prominent than expected and tall enough to reach new areas of the wall, such as these stylish planters.

Playful Display

With the help of some thoughtfully arranged shelves paired with playful accents, you can take any wall to the next level. This fun stretch goes beyond typical playroom style and instantly turns into eye-candy with the wallpaper as the backdrop and the pom-pom word art hung for all to see. The shelves and cubbies provide storage while also serving as a decorative element.

Make a Statement

It’s time to think outside the box. There are so many ways to add texture and depth in a gallery-worthy way, from macrame hangings to industrial installations. Whether you keep your statement piece on its own as the star of the show or style it alongside furnishings, it will be an eye-catching addition. When it comes to the pieces you choose to put front and center, the possibilities are endless, but one thing is certain: these unique stylings will make your home feel one-of-a-kind.

Build a Gallery Wall

Fill the blank wall space in your home with clusters or grids of smaller pictures, photographs, or even three-dimensional pieces that reflect your distinct style. Incorporate mementos such as postcards, old maps, and hand-drawn images into your gallery wall to add a stylish personal touch to your home decor—just use frames or washi tape to polish them up for a professional and intentional look in your arrangement. You can also use vintage plates, trays, or small sculptural items to add dimension and interesting character to your gallery wall arrangement.

Mix Frames of Small Wall Design Ideas

how do you decorate your bedroom

Don’t get too caught up in perfectly matching every finish on your wall decor. In fact, we prefer a little variety in each frame when it comes to wall design ideas. Consider the above art arrangement. We used three different frames for traditional landscape pieces. Two are hung together on the wall, and a third is displayed on the secretary in a Gallery Easel.


Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different decorating styles. Whether your wall receives a daring large-scale piece of art or remains bare, make sure it reflects your personal style and brings you joy!

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